jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

Residente en Berlín nos cuenta su opinión sobre las Islas Canarias.

Hoy, mientras recorríamos la maravillosa ciudad de Berlín, nos dispusimos a buscar residentes que hubieran visitado las Islas Canarias y que nos pudieran contar algo sobre su experiencia en ella, su impresión y si las recomendarían o no al resto del mundo.

Hemos visitado Tacheles, una casa "okupa" famosa en Berlín por la cantidad de artistas que viven en ellas, desde artesanos, hasta pintores o escultores que exponen y venden sus obras en galerías que ellos mismos han diseñado en este edificio. Es fascinante la capacidad que tienen de crear verdaderas obras de arte a partir de materiales reciclados.

Pero, volviendo a lo que nos ataña, comentaba que es en este lugar donde hemos conocido a Laura.
Laura es una joven artesana Italiana que actualmente reside en esta casa, y comparte con otras artesanas de su misma tendencia la venta de sus creaciones, ropa y complementos en su mayoría.
Hablando con ella nos contó que había visitado las Islas Canarias, así que pensamos que sería interesante contarle al mundo su opinión y le hicimos una pequeña entrevista.

Y esto fue lo que nos dijo:

viernes, 28 de enero de 2011

Wellness in Punta del Hidalgo

If you want to relax, a very good place to do that is Punta del Hidalgo (Tenerife)
Here, you have a volcanic landscape where breaking wales leave natural volcanic pools...
That's amazing!
Come and relax watching this place, with the best sunset included.

 It's stunning....

lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

Family Welcome

Family trips are possible too in the Canary Islands...
Most of the hotels here have a "miniclub", where the children play while their parents enjoy the hotel, the spa or the golf...
Here it is possible!
And if you prefer some familiar activities... You can go to a tourist information center and ask for the "Chikiplan".
Every month they organise lots of activities for all ages, but focused in children... and it's a good idea if you're coming with them.
But apart from that you have theme parks like "Pirámides de Güímar", zoo parks like "Águilas del Teide" or the famous "Loro Park", and even water parks, like "Aqualand" or the biggest waterpark in Europe, "Siam Park" (Tenerife), "Palmitos Park" (Gran Canaria)... You can take a camel ride in Lanzarote... or enjoy a whale watching boat...

Whatever you can imagine....

Enjoy it in family!!

Here... Families are welcome.

Feel the landscapes of Tenerife

Parachuting in Tenerife!!

Enjoy our wonderful landscapes from the highest view, THE SKY.

Freedom is yours!

For doing so:
  • No prior paragliding experience is required
  • The only passenger input required is a little run take-off and landing
  • Passengers are seated and strapped into a harness that is attached to the pilot
  • Depending on weather conditions flights usually last as long as possible
  • You need to bring: a warm jacket, good pair of lace-up shoes or hiking boots and sunglasses
  • Passenger transport to and from the site can be arranged
  • Fly every day

Sounds good! Don’t you think so?

Don’t miss it !! It is one of the best experience.
An extreme sport, filled with adrenalin.

Wellness in the Canary Islands

Today I will share with you some information about health in the Canary Islands. The reason is that the tourism history of the Islands started here.

In the fifties, doctors discovered the health benefits of the Canary Islands, especially due to its climatic conditions, and started to recommend them to their patients, as a solution to some problems such as asthma, allergies or stress. Nowadays there are still lots of people coming here searching that. Why?

Because in the islands you can find beaches everywhere, that offers you the opportunity to relax while enjoying the benefits of warm sun and trace elements of the Atlantic ocean water on your skin.

Apart from that, you have several Spa centres and hotels, specialized in wellness, with massage services, seaweed, chocolate or wine treatments that makes you forget all your problems.

The volcanic nature of the islands has allowed the formation of numerous natural pools where you can enjoy a relaxing swim in these waters... and numerous mountains too, where you can hike and discover the most secret places of these magical islands...

Why don't you taste it?

sábado, 15 de enero de 2011


Today I went with a friend to "El Teide" and took some pictures... Hope you like it!!

 I like this one... Everywhere here you can see the mountain .... and at the end... the ocean... That's what I like about the Canary Islands.

We also found some people "flying" there...

Here you can also hike....

 Or try to hug this tree....

miércoles, 12 de enero de 2011

Surfing in Tenerife South

Climbing in Valle San Lorenzo (Tenerife)

La Laguna: World Heritage City.

Maybe La Laguna is not the most known city among the tourist who visit us, however it is the most important one in Tenerife.

The reasons are, that La Laguna was the first capital of the island, and nowadays it currently retains the same layout of its streets for more than 500 years, and many buildings of the Mudejar style, and reminiscent of styles that visitors from many places (Portugal, Italy, etc..) were transferred to La Laguna for years after the conquest of the island of Tenerife.

Apart from that, La Laguna was the first unfortified city here, because it is surrounded by mountains that acted as a natural fortress, protecting the city from pirate attacks.

La Laguna is a very nice place where people can take a walk and try some of the local products at the same time they admire the buildings preserved until today. And if they want, in the main city there are some guided tours that explain the history and show the most important historical buildings.

If you go there you can find a mix of history, and current activities... specially with the recent opening of the Leal theater or the new market of the city. It is possible to attend events organized specifically for children, such as funny puppets in "La salita Tragaluz". You also have some parks where relax while your children play.


Come to La Laguna and enjoy it all !

Video about La Laguna