lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

Wellness in the Canary Islands

Today I will share with you some information about health in the Canary Islands. The reason is that the tourism history of the Islands started here.

In the fifties, doctors discovered the health benefits of the Canary Islands, especially due to its climatic conditions, and started to recommend them to their patients, as a solution to some problems such as asthma, allergies or stress. Nowadays there are still lots of people coming here searching that. Why?

Because in the islands you can find beaches everywhere, that offers you the opportunity to relax while enjoying the benefits of warm sun and trace elements of the Atlantic ocean water on your skin.

Apart from that, you have several Spa centres and hotels, specialized in wellness, with massage services, seaweed, chocolate or wine treatments that makes you forget all your problems.

The volcanic nature of the islands has allowed the formation of numerous natural pools where you can enjoy a relaxing swim in these waters... and numerous mountains too, where you can hike and discover the most secret places of these magical islands...

Why don't you taste it?

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