miércoles, 12 de enero de 2011

La Laguna: World Heritage City.

Maybe La Laguna is not the most known city among the tourist who visit us, however it is the most important one in Tenerife.

The reasons are, that La Laguna was the first capital of the island, and nowadays it currently retains the same layout of its streets for more than 500 years, and many buildings of the Mudejar style, and reminiscent of styles that visitors from many places (Portugal, Italy, etc..) were transferred to La Laguna for years after the conquest of the island of Tenerife.

Apart from that, La Laguna was the first unfortified city here, because it is surrounded by mountains that acted as a natural fortress, protecting the city from pirate attacks.

La Laguna is a very nice place where people can take a walk and try some of the local products at the same time they admire the buildings preserved until today. And if they want, in the main city there are some guided tours that explain the history and show the most important historical buildings.

If you go there you can find a mix of history, and current activities... specially with the recent opening of the Leal theater or the new market of the city. It is possible to attend events organized specifically for children, such as funny puppets in "La salita Tragaluz". You also have some parks where relax while your children play.


Come to La Laguna and enjoy it all !

Video about La Laguna

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